Sunday, November 9, 2008


I'm currently attempting to consolidate this blog into my family life blog over here. We just finished a big move from Arizona to Ohio and are currently waiting to close on our house (keep your fingers crossed for us!) and we're hoping to have daily access to all things internet shortly. Thanks for your patience and I hope to get more reviews up shortly.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Smucker's Uncrustables

Bzz Agent contacted me about joining their campaign for Smucker's Uncrustables a few weeks ago and I have since received my Bzz! Pack and tried the product.
Let me preface what I'm about to say with the admission that I believe that this product is, in short, ridiculous. How lazy ass do you have to be to not make yourself or your kids a PB sammy when they want one? It's simple folks; PB, jam/honey, 2 slices bread, and a knife. I appreciate the simplicity of being able to take this particular product out of the freezer and throw it into a lunch bag in a matter of seconds, I really do, but come on now. Uncrustables run around $4 at my local Wal-Mart for a 4 pack. You can spend that much on a loaf of Sara Lee Soft and Smooth and a small jar of peanut butter and jam each and make at least triple or quadruple that for a few minutes more of your time.
For starters, the little package Bzz sent me was awesome! It had all kinds of coupons for free and $0.75 off Uncrustables sandwiches, a Bzz! Campaign manual, and even an Uncrustables container for storing your sandwich in a lunch bag or even in the fridge to thaw.
I happen to be a PB&J fanatic so I was anxious to try these sandwiches and see if they measure up to the sandwich that I usually make fresh from the pantry. Given the choice of sandwiches (peanut butter and grape, peanut butter and strawberry, peanut butter and honey, plain ol' peanut butter, and grilled cheese) I had to go with peanut butter and strawberry. When I make them at home, I use Smucker's Nutural crunchy PB and Smucker's strawberry jam so it was an obvious choice if I wanted to be able to make an informed decision.
I am happy to report that the sandwich took very little time to thaw, tasted like it had never been frozen, and was just as delicious as its put-together-in-the-kitchen sister. The bread was light and fluffy and was just the right combo of moist and dry. The peanut butter was smooth and sweet, the strawberry jam was tangy, and, most importantly, the PB to jam ratio was perfect. My 3 year old loved them as well and although I won't be purchasing them on a regular basis, I would definitely consider them as an addition to a road trip cooler or a picnic basket headed for the beach or park. Heck, I'd probably even take them along if we had appointments around the lunch hour because there is virtually no mess so they'd be perfect. I've already added them to the list of things I need to buy at the end of them month when we take the road trip from hell and drive back to the midwest.
All in all I would say that I'm generally impressed and happy with the product and would definitely recommend them to anyone who's in need of a quick snack or lunch on the go. Have you tried Uncrustables? What did you think?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

....Canon Selphy Printer

Recently I had my first house party through While it didn't turn it out quite the way I had hoped, I did get to try out an awesome product from Canon and have my girls over for food and drinks. That in itself was a sanity saver.

Anyway, Canon sent me their new Canon Selphy CP770 and can I just say what an amazing little printer this is? For starters, you don't have to only plug it in, it runs off a battery pack, too. Secondly, it comes perched on a handy little bucket that carries the adapter for an electrical outlet, photo paper, extra ink, the printer cleaner, the instruction manual, and any photos you may print out. And lastly but the best thing of all, the photographs it prints out are of amazing quality. I thought for sure that this printer, with it being portable and not super expensive (retails at $139.99), would print sub par photos that would be something for the fridge. The pictures are so vivid in color, so crisp. I am completely sold on this printer and would go out and buy one for myself if Canon hadn't already been so generous in letting me keep the one they sent me.
It's so simple to use. You pop out the memory card from your digital camera, plug it into the slot on the printer, and choose the pictures you wish to print. You can even time stamp them, take out red eye, and a host of other options. Don't have a digital camera? How about a cell phone with a camera? You can send your pictures to the printer via infrared technology. How completely crazy wicked is that?!

I can't say enough about this printer. I highly recommend it for anyone, especially those with family they travel to see or avid scrapbookers. We'll be using ours on our road trip back to the midwest so my great grandmother and Brad's grandmother can get the pictures we'll take of them with the boys immediately.

Go get yourself a printer! If you order it off the Canon website and do it before the 18th, you can get a coupon code from me. Leave me a comment if I can help you out!

...Nicole for OPI Nic Sticks

I had never even heard of this product before I was approached by SheSpeaks to try it out and review it. I usually only have french tips on my nails when I have them done and very rarely do I paint my nails myself anyway but I figured I'd give this product a shot.
Upon opening the package, I noticed the color; something I affectionately refer to as "Old Lady Orange" because, well, it is. It's officially called, "I'm Outta Here!" but I would like to make a case to OPI to either change it or change the color to a more pleasing shade. The Nic Stick was easy to open and easy to figure out. I decided to take it with me on a Starbucks run since it's meant for on the go purposes. After ordering my Pumpkin Spice Latte, I unscrewed the cap, shook the pen, and pumped the top to get the paint moving. The polish goes on smoothly and the brush is thick enough to get each nail done in 2-3 strokes but thin enough to avoid painting your finger as well. I didn't notice any lines anywhere and it dried very quickly. I applied two coats on each finger and had completely dry nails by the time I arrived at the drive-thru window to pick up my drink (about 4 minutes total).The polish was a bit too matte for my taste, but it looks like there are plenty of flashier options that are offered. Another down side to this product is it's chippability. I had the nail polish on just over 24 hours before I had 3 different chips on 3 different nails. Perhaps applying a top coat would have helped. However, even after taking the cons into consideration there is one HUGE pro that gives this product my seal of approval; your child will have a horribly hard time making a mess out of himself, your car, and your house with this stuff. The cap is difficult for a kid to remove (I let my 3 1/2 yr. old give it a go) and there's no spillage to worry about. Any mommy/glam-goddess would probably agree that this is enough on its own to be worth purchasing.
You can Nic Sticks at Target, Wal-Mart, and Ulta for around $6.50. I will be utilizing some of the $1 coupons OPI sent me along with their product to purchase a few colors that match the shades I use on my toes for quick touch ups.